I would like to say “Thank You!” to the thousands of users and contacts who have downloaded, tested and subscribed to Guardly during the first few months in market.

Building a product that fits your needs and desires for mobile personal safety is our top priority. Please help us develop a product that works better for you.

We’d like to give you a chance to briefly sit down, talk by phone or connect by video-chat with folks at Guardly so your suggestions, ideas, frustrations or comments can be heard and noted. This won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time; if time is a problem, just ask us to wrap up after 5 minutes! :)

Are you an existing user that loves Guardly?
Tell us, but also let us know how we can improve our product and our company!

Did you download Guardly, but have difficulty using it?
We’d love to know why! More importantly, we’d like to know how we could make Guardly more useful.

Please send a quick note to feedback@guardly.com and we’ll setup a time to make sure you’re input gets heard by our team. Every user that participates will receive a free 3-month subscription to Guardly Premium.

If 15 minutes is too much to ask, but you have a burning question or comment, feel free to leave us a note in our customer support community or in the comments section below.

The Guardly team and I are looking forward to knowing you better and designing an ever-improving service that suits your needs.

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