Many schools are becoming more equipped to provide special need services to their students. There is an increase in the number of children going to school with disabilities and teachers are being trained to provide assistance. The severity of disabilities range from autism to allergies, asthma, panic attacks, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Precautions taken to ensure the safety of students includes a “Wall of Knowledge.” On the classroom bulletin board children’s photographs are displayed with their corresponding allergies. This way teachers can check what their students are able to eat. For those who may have Celiac disease and require a gluten-free diet, this precaution works well. However, for those with a peanut allergy, schools have gone one step further to eliminate peanut products on their compounds to create a “peanut-free” environment.

Another way that schools have accommodated those with disabilities is by providing special education programs. These programs are designed to help students learn in a classroom suited to their needs. Students who suffer from panic attacks, have autism, or ADHD, are more likely to succeed when taught using an adapted teaching approach.

While these precautions have worked well for schools, there are upcoming services that may be of assistance. There are now smartphone apps designed with public health concerns in mind. These apps can help users recognize symptoms of an illness, as well as walk them through the steps of first aid. The Guardly smartphone app even allows subscribers (teachers or student aids) to contact emergency responders with the touch of a button.

Guardly is a mobile location-based app that allows you to alert, connect, and then collaborate with your personal safety network in an emergency situation. It allows you to communicate with friends, family, and authorities in real-time via voice, sms, email, and web conferencing. In cases where you (or a student) are having a severe allergic reaction or asthma attack, Guardly can help emergency services locate and assist you. Our mission is to improve the emergency response process and help save lives.

To learn more about how Guardly can be a part of your health and safety precautions, visit the product overview page. The Guardly app will be available in April 2011 through the Apple App Store, and on Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone platforms within the next few months. Stay safe!

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