Over the past decade, countries around the world have experienced more and more natural disasters. From the the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan to the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the need for effective search and rescue tools has never been higher.

According to the Unites State Coast Guard the most important elements of any disaster management search and rescue operation are lives saved and time elapsed – unfortunately these factors typically work against each other.

The technological abilities of today’s rapidly developing smartphones are improving the way both victims and responders are engaging in search and rescue missions. For example, Google recently launched a person-finder app, which allows users to search for missing people in disaster hit regions.

The features and functionality of the Guardly app can also be used in natural disaster situations to help reduce the time it takes responders to locate and reach victims. For example, by leveraging the app’s LocationAssure technology, rescuers will be able to pinpoint victim’s exact locations and reach them faster. This will not only decrease search and rescue times, but also save lives.

The recent 9.0 earthquake in Japan left friends and family members from around the globe worried about loved ones. It took over 48 hours for two Canadian teens trapped in the quake zone to reach their families. The Guardly app allows individuals in such dangerous situations to instantly connect to their loved ones from anywhere in the world through voice, sms, email, and web communication.

The Guardly app can also help victims of other types of natural disasters, such as fires and floods, communicate with disaster recovery specialists by sharing photos to ensure responders are aware of potential geographic obstacles and dangers.

To learn more about how Guardly can help in disaster situations, visit the Guardly product overview page to find out more about the app. The Guardly app will be available in April 2011 through the Apple App Store, and on Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone platforms within the next few months. Stay safe!

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