We’re excited to announce that this coming April 23 and 24 Guardly will be a featured speaker in the first-ever NGSL Toronto & ASIS Best Practices Seminar, and we want you to be there!

Come see Louis Toromoreno, Assistant Director of Campus Security at OCAD University engage in an enlightening on-stage conversation with Guardly CEO Josh Sookman about the many ways OCAD University has been leveraging Guardly’s enterprise mobile safety solutions to mitigate core security problems, improve incident response times, and enhance situational awareness across the entire campus.

In addition, don’t miss PPM – a top Guardly technology partner – conduct an on-stage discussion with one of their end users about how they’ve utilized Perspective™ – PPM’s end-to-end solution for responding to, reporting on and investigating incidents.

This Event Will Benefit You By:

  • Showing you how to develop metrics and proven solution case studies that will influence the C-Suite and demonstrate the value of your Security Program.
  • Hearing insights from a two-time Olympic gold medallist on the topic of leading during adversity.
  • Gaining exposure to security best practices and current technology that will help you better protect people, safeguard assets, and optimize profit.

All this and much more! Earn ASIS Continuing Education credits. Invite your colleagues from HR, Operations, Finance, etc. so that they may gain a better understanding of the value that you bring to your organization.

The event venue is about 30 minutes from Toronto’s Pearson International airport. Click HERE for full details.

Hope to see you there!


Retail & Shopping Mall Mobile Safety Solutions

To continue on our exciting streak of early 2014 announcements, including the new enterprise mobile safety video, a white paper that should be read by any corporate security administrator interested in the Emerging Landscape of Mobile & Cloud Technologies in Corporate Security, and Guardly now providing mobile safety solutions for the Oil, Gas & Mining industry, we’re excited to announce that Guardly is now powering mobile safety solutions for retail stores & shopping malls.

The Retail Problems Guardly Solves

During a lengthy discovery process we undertook to pinpoint the top mobile safety concerns faced by retail security & safety officials on a daily basis, we narrowed it down to 6 main business problems that Guardly is now solving for retail store & shopping mall environments:

  1. Increasing employee retention & engagement levels.
  2. Keeping employees, customers, and physical assets safer.
  3. An increased volume of incident reports & data in order to justify more departmental resources.
  4. The necessary tools to help you show increased diligence to lower insurance premiums.
  5. Budget optimization: A single, end-to-end mobile safety solution  that will cut costs and boost your company’s bottom line.
  6. Do more with less: streamlined incident response, management and reporting so you can reallocate resources more efficiently.

Retail & Shopping Mall Use Cases

  1. A retail employee being assaulted by a customer or another employee can send an alert and be located immediately – even within buildings.
  2. An employee spotting a shoplifter can alert security discreetly along with any identifying photos.
  3. A shopping mall facing an active shooter situation that demands immediate evacuation (such as the Toronto Eaton Centre shooting of 2012) can send out instant mass evacuation notifications to employees within customized geo-targeted areas of the mall.
  4. If you’re faced with an emergency situation in one retail location, use Guardly’s Mobile Mass Notification System to notify security administrators and employees in other locations in a matter of seconds.
  5.  A suspicious package can be reported by employees and located immediately indoors, giving the security operator more robust tools to effectively respond to the situation.
  6. An employee comes in early or leaves late at night that must walk through a parking lot or underground garage will feel safer with a personal safety system at their fingertips. If the employee triggers an emergency alert, they can be immediately located (even underground) using Guardly’s Indoor Positioning System.

Key Benefits of Guardly’s Retail Mobile Safety Solutions

Here is a list of key benefits you’ll enjoy using Guardly’s retail mobile safety solutions:

  • Boost your company’s bottom line
  • Enhance situational awareness and intelligence
  • Locate employees in buildings with room-level accuracy using Guardly’s industry-first Indoor Positioning System
  • Show employees you care about their personal safety
  • Reduce incident response times
  • Optimize incident management
  • Send instant mass notifications to an unlimited number of employees or security personnel at no additional per-use charge
  • Measure & analyze incidents better
  • Increase operational efficiency using customized template notifications
  • Protect your corporate brand
  • Collect incident data to better understand vulnerabilities, and use that data to make better resource decisions
  • Bonus for shopping mall security administrators: differentiate your mall’s security offering from other malls by offering Guardly’s employee safety solutions to your tenants as a value-added service to make their employees feel more safe on-premise.
  • Bonus for retail chain security administrators: differentiate your retail chain’s security offering from other chains by offering Guardly’s employee safety solutions to your employees as a powerful protective measure to make them feel safer on-premise.

Click here to learn more about what Guardly’s retail & shopping mall mobile safety solutions can do for your organization now!


Mass Notification System

If you’ve ever used a traditional mass notification system, you’re familiar with the limitations: slow delivery times, international routing issues, and inaccurate location targeting, to name a few.

Join us today (Friday, February 21 @ 1pm EST / 10am PST) for a complimentary webinar, The 7 Issues Plaguing Traditional Mass Notification (And How To Overcome Them) as we show you how each of the 7 issues can be solved using a mobile mass notification system.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How smartphones & real-time technologies are rapidly transforming traditional mass notification.
  • Different economic models of implementing systems and delivering mass notifications.
  • How Mobile Mass Notification can now be used with an Indoor Positioning System to locate a specific group of people within a building.

If you’re using or considering using a Mass Notification System, make sure to be there, you definitely don’t want to miss out on these important tips!

Limited seats – Register:

Register Now

Friday, February 21st, 2014
1pm EST / 10am PST


See you there!

mobile cloud white paper corporate security

Mobile technologies are creating seismic industrial shifts – even in some of the most deeply entrenched traditional industries – at a pace that has “not been seen since the Industrial Revolution” says Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry Analytics.

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Khalaf at Guardly, and in a new white paper being released today, we take his assessment one step further by analyzing the industrial transformation caused by both mobile and cloud technologies, and then take a deeper look into how these technologies are improving existing corporate security practices.

To find out more about what you’ll learn in this white paper, below is an excerpt from the Executive Summary:

Mobile technologies have a substantial track record of completely uprooting existing industries, leaving incumbent vendors scrambling, and rewarding those that innovate to embrace mobile. Convenience, simplicity, location and timesaving efficiencies are often at the core of mobile value propositions that transform industries.

Migration of data and services into the cloud is reshaping the physical security industry by (1) shifting upfront capital expenditures to recurring subscription fees for cloud services, (2) hosting applications with third-party service providers that were once confined to on-premise servers, and (3) security data archives once residing within on-premise storage devices now reside in service-provider data storage in the cloud.

Industry-leading organizations that fail to keep up with technological advancements are becoming obsolete, while the enterprises that embrace these powerful tools and make them part of their corporate culture, will continue to benefit from all the efficiencies and cost savings provided by mobility and the cloud moving forward, and will outperform their counterparts in more technologically-stagnant organizations.

This white paper analyzes the ways in which mobile and cloud-based technology solutions can augment and improve upon existing corporate security functions in a global context.

Click here to get your FREE copy of Emerging Landscape of Mobile and Cloud Technologies in Corporate Security now!



Real-Time Enterprise Employee SafetyFunding and Customer Wins Underscore Importance of Mobile and Cloud Platform to Future of Enterprise Security

Toronto, Canada – January 29, 2014 – Guardly, a leading provider of enterprise-grade mobile safety solutions, has raised $1.45 million in seed financing to expand on its recent success delivering real-time mobile and cloud-based employee safety solutions to enterprise organizations.

The new funds will be used to further accelerate product innovation and to support a growing sales and customer success team. The financing was led by San Francisco-based Freestyle Capital, with participation from Golden Venture Partners and MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund. To date, Guardly’s solutions have been licensed by enterprise clients for use by over 430,000 end users such as employees or students that its clients have a duty to safeguard.

Employee safety is currently a top priority for most corporate security and environmental health and safety (EHS) leaders – this includes safety in the workplace, in remote areas, and while travelling internationally. Guardly’s mobile safety solutions are often sought out by its clients to help mitigate organizational risks associated with workplace violence, remote worker safety and corporate travel safety. To ensure Guardly’s mobile safety apps are effective in as many situations as possible, the company has captured and analyzed over 2 million (non-personally identifiable) data points on how its mobile apps are used in over 4,500 real-world situations and simulations. Guardly has also taken careful measures to ensure end-to-end security of all user data, and to address privacy concerns over employee location tracking and data access.

“Recent success at Guardly has been driven by our commitment to delivering mobile safety solutions that are first-to-market and that outperform alternatives by orders of magnitude – 10X improvements or greater – with key initial emphases placed on emergency alert origination capabilities, location tracking accuracy and incident response efficiency,” said Josh Sookman, Guardly CEO.

Guardly has placed specific focus on these areas to improve upon many of the functional issues and risks that legacy technology solutions pose on their users and customers, such as:

  • Not having any mobile device capable of two-way crisis communication and notification
  • The need to charge and carry secondary devices to initiate emergency alerts
  • Having to seek out fixed emergency help points when time is of the essence
  • Inaccurate or non-existent GPS or indoor location data
  • Location data being provided to security operations too late
  • Significant delays with third-party managed services reporting incidents to corporate security

The most innovative security leaders have already deployed security measures with mobile and cloud-based components. To help the larger majority of security leaders improve their understanding and education of these technologies, Guardly released a white paper entitled Emerging Landscape of Mobile and Cloud Technologies in Corporate Security (January 2014). The white paper provides technology definitions, outlines emerging trends and highlights innovative vendor solutions.

Learn more about Guardly’s enterprise mobile safety solutions in this new 2-minute video.


About Guardly
Guardly provides mobile safety and security solutions for enterprise organizations, campuses, and cities. Leveraging the latest cloud, mobile, indoor-positioning and real-time technologies, Guardly is radically improving traditional emergency notification, communication and management. With over 70% of all emergency calls now coming from mobile phones, more emergency response teams rely on Guardly’s modern infrastructure to better protect mobile employees. Guardly mobile security applications on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry act as personal emergency phones that broadcast GPS and indoor location, profile and identity, and support two-way communication with security operators and authorities. For Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Guardly provides an integrated platform for incident monitoring and response, helping security operators make faster and more effective decisions. For the 10% of emergency calls that are non-responsive, Guardly’s industry-first Indoor Positioning System (IPS) can transmit the building, floor and room location of an emergency caller to security operators and help them find these callers in minutes, not hours. Guardly’s Mobile Mass Notification System sends 500,000 geo-targeted notifications in seconds, utilizing unique messaging protocols for higher reliability, performance and interaction. To learn more about Guardly please visit

Oil, Gas, and Mining Mobile Safety Solutions

Last week, during the introduction of our new company video, we mentioned that a major part of the many exciting new announcements to come in 2014 was expansion into new markets.

This week, we’re proud to announce that Guardly’s mobile safety solutions are now available for use by oil, gas, and mining companies.

The Problems Guardly Solves

After working closely with several industry-leading corporate health & safety officials to uncover the top mobile safety concerns they face on a daily basis, these are the top 6 business problems that Guardly will be solving:

  1. More robust workforce protection than traditional safety solutions currently provide.
  2. A minimization of operational & compliance risks.
  3. An increased volume of incident reports & data that you need to justify more departmental resources.
  4. A single, end-to-end mobile safety solution  that will cut costs and boost your company’s bottom line.
  5. More tools to help you show increased diligence to lower insurance premiums.
  6. Enhanced efficiency levels of risk management, resilience, and business continuity processes, without major budget strain.

Oil, Gas, and Mining Mobile Safety Use Cases

In addition to defining the business problems Guardly solves, we’ve also identified specific instances where Guardly’s mobile safety technologies can be utilized to optimize pre-existing operational procedures:

  • An oil refinery facing a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane, and scattered field personnel need to be alerted and given procedural instructions as soon as possible.
  • Miners that are trapped underground and need to be located can be found using Guardly’s industry-first Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology.
  • A gas pipeline bursts, and cleanup/repair crews must be alerted to take action immediately.
  • A gold mine’s security operations unit in the middle of an asset theft situation need to alert field personnel on scene and coordinate with other parties.
  • Executives traveling abroad to remote work sites that need personal mobile protection.

Key Benefits of Guardly’s Mobile Safety Solutions

Here is a list of key benefits you’ll enjoy using Guardly’s mobile safety solutions:

  • Improve situational awareness and intelligence
  • Locate employees underground & in buildings with room-level accuracy
  • Send instant mass notifications to an unlimited number of field personnel
  • Reduce incident response times
  • Optimize incident management
  • Measure & analyze incidents better

Click here to learn more about what Guardly’s oil, gas, and mining mobile safety solutions can do for your organization now!


Today we’re excited to introduce our brand new company video.

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work creating a compelling video that encompasses everything Guardly stands for - innovative technologymobile security leadership, and first-class customer care.

We’re making it our mission in 2014  to exceed expectations in each of those areas.

2013 was a major year of growth for Guardly, led by the introduction of industry-first technologies like our Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and Mobile Mass Notification System (MMNS), and 2014 is shaping up to be an even bigger year, as we continue to augment our powerful mobile safety technologies, expand into new markets, and provide our customers with unrivalled customer care.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new video so feel free to let us know by reaching out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you enjoyed our new video and believe that Guardly may fit in with your organization’s 2014 goals, you may schedule a more in-depth, no-risk 1-on-1 consultation here.

domestic violence in the workplaceWorkplace violence is a very real issue in almost every major industry, including high tech companies, universities and retail store chains. Thankfully, there is research being performed by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and Western University to counteract the issue.

The two groups are conducting a national survey to better understand the impacts of workplace violence arising from domestic issues. The survey will go deeper to also uncover how these workplace conflicts affect the broader workplace environment in addition to the affected workers.

Unions, employers and governments are expected to benefit from the results of the domestic violence in the workplace survey. In particular, Unions that have pushed hard for workplace violence legislation reforms to include stronger safeguards and protection measures may benefit.

Workplace Violence Costs Employers

Lise Martin, Executive Director of the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses explained that domestic violence in the workplace has an economic cost of $85,000 per every 100 employees – and those are conservative estimates. Many of the costs relate to paid leave, legal/liability issues, mental health treatment and lost productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Take The Domestic Violence Survey

You can do your part to help by filling out the online survey. It only takes 10 minutes to complete, it’s anonymous and it’s available until June 6, 2014.

Guest Post: The following article was contributed by Dean Correia. Based in Toronto, Dean is an Emeritus Faculty member of the Security Executive Council. Dean has had a career in operations and corporate security in Canada spanning more than 20 years, holding senior leadership roles with global brands GAP, Starbucks Coffee, and Walmart. At both Walmart Canada and Starbucks Coffee, he played a key role in the creation, development, and implementation of violence avoidance, auditing, and investigative programs which reduced risk to people and delivered millions of dollars to the bottom line.

Shopping during the holiday season can present unique danger. The holiday season is a time when busy people can become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime. Ensure that your vehicle is fueled and well maintained. Keep your cell phone charged at all times. Park in a well-lit area of the mall. Shop during daylight hours whenever possible. If you must shop at night, go with a friend or family member. When shopping, protect your PIN. At home, secure presents in an obscure location. Use your deadbolt locks, lighting, and alarm accordingly. If you’re going away, ensure that family members do not publicize your absence on social media. Only tell those that need to know. Report suspicious activities, you never know who else in the neighbourhood has seen the same event.

Business owners – Does your schedule match the needs of your business? You should have at least 2 openers and 2 closers. The majority of robberies happen within the first and last 30 minutes of business. Change your cash handling and deposit practices to deal with the extra volume.

Taking a few prevention measures can help reduce the potential of becoming a victim and keep your holiday season joyous.

crime prevention


Within the self-sufficient model adhered to by most American institutions of higher learning, it falls on the university to replicate the basic health safety services otherwise provided by government, this is an integral part of the overall campus safety programs educational institutions normally provide.

Medical care is no exception.

Student health services are ubiquitous on campuses across the country. Many large universities have affiliated hospitals nearby, but even colleges, and universities without medical programs, are expected to provide some form of emergency care and/or transport.

Insurance policies protect schools from liability in all but cases of gross negligence, but effective medical emergency services are implicit in the basic trust any educational institution enters into with its students and their families.

Health Safety on Campus Varies Between Demographics

College and university students make up a highly specific subgroup of the general population. Medical conditions associated with more advanced age ranges are understandably sparse in the college setting, but the concentration of young people leads to much higher rates of other issues.

High levels of alcohol consumption and the various health problems it can lead to receive much of the media attention surrounding student health issues. Roughly four out of five college students consumes alcohol, 50% of which binge drink regularly (1). 600,000 students a year are badly injured in alcohol-related incidents, while 1,825 die from over-consumption or alcohol-induced accidents. An average four-year university with over 40,000 spends over $500,000 a year on alcohol-related medical costs alone.

Other, less-publicized issues can be just as troublesome. Suicides recently surpassed alcohol-related deaths as the leading cause of mortality in college students, with 6.48 suicides per 100,000 students annually. And 30% of college students display patterns associated with bulimia and anorexia, the most deadly mental health issue in America.

Dangerous illicit drug use has gone up as well among college students. Opioid use is 350% higher now than it was in 1993 (2). The use of tranquilizers, meanwhile, has gone up 450%. A new wave of popularity among amphetamine party drugs has led to recent high-publicized incidents, as well. In the fall 2013 semester, four New England college students overdosed on MDMA in a single week (3). Especially combined with alcohol, these drugs present distinct risks for students and complicated challenges for emergency response teams.

Addressing and Responding to Medical Emergency

Unfortunately, there is only so much a university can do from a top-down standpoint to impact campus culture.

Providing hotlines, support networks, information sessions, and educational resources remains the most effective measure schools can take to deal with their own unique set of medical emergency situations.

Some form of student responders service is available on most campuses, and access to these kinds of peer groups has been proven to increase student willingness to report a potential alcohol or drug related medical emergency.

For the same reasons, stricter disciplinary codes are generally discouraged by health experts, who say that weighing that the health safety of a friend against potential administrative punishment has led to hundreds of unnecessary deaths.

Amnesty programs like the one offered by the University of Texas – Austin, have been praised for encouraging students to use available emergency resources.

Shorter Response Time is Essential to Health Safety on Campus

In any medical emergency, but especially in the ones more likely to occur on a college campus than in other settings, response time is critical to successful care and treatment.

When substances are involved, the students calling in the emergency are likely to be under the influence as well. Getting responsible, informed responders to the scene in a timely fashion a drug or alcohol overdose can prevent fellow students from taking potentially harmful actions on their own.

Guardly’s emergency response technology has been shown in trials to reduce response time by 44% (4).

The ability to send and receive exact GPS location-based information, as well as detailed indoor floor plans, can help responders access a situation occurring inside a dorm complex or crowded party.

When external noise is an impeding factor, secure, instant messaging capabilities lets responders communicate with people on the scene.

And if a disoriented person is alone and sensing the onset of a dangerous incident, one-touch beacon alert capabilities increases the chance that an emergency response team can be notified.

Sources Cited 

(1), David Skorton, 12/17/2012

(2), Alex Johnson, 03/20/2012


(4), Lauren R. Duran